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Project programme

Our project programme has evolved a little. Our anticipated timeline and key steps are explained below.

Project kick off and baseline review

Autumn 2021

Engagement with young people to understand their views and aspirations for the city centre

Winter 2021

First round of stakeholder workshops

January 2022

Website, survey and interactive map open

March 2022 to May 2022

Community conversations via community champions

February 2022 - end of project

Develop a vision, ideas and options for the city centre

Late 2022

Further stakeholder meetings and workshops to seek feedback on vision, ideas and options

Late 2022 / into early 2023

Further develop proposals and prepare the Development and Delivery Plan

Early 2023

Formal public consultation on a draft of the Development and Delivery Plan

Summer 2023

Review and finalisation of the Plan

Autumn/winter 2023

The final Plan will be considered by Bristol City Council

Late 2023/early 2024